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President's Message

On December 24, 2015, OAT Agrio Co., Ltd was
upgraded from the second Section to
the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
we cordially express our deep gratitude for your
cooperation and support.
President CEO Akihei Mori

OAT Agrio was established in 2010 following a divestiture from Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. by using a management buyout. Since then the company has grown steadily and now is listed on the First Scetion of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The world is facing a severe food crisis. Food production must increase in order to feed the world’s steadily growing population. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization has stated that global food production will have to increase 70% between now and 2050. I believe that helping solve problems involving the food supply today and in the future is the primary mission of the OAT Agrio Group. Our group has gained much expertise from the development, manufacture and sale of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, our exclusive cultivation system and other products. In conjunction with these activities, we have also been involved in the development of a broad array of technologies for increasing food production (agritechnology) by boosting crop yields. These technologies and other knowledge give us a foundation for increasing the pace of developing new technologies for food supply growth.

Our group encompasses a diverse range of businesses that are centered on three core technologies: plant protection product (chemicals for plants); fertilizers & drip irrigation (nutrients for plants); and biostimulant (increasing plants’ immunity to diseases). In Japan, our operations create benefits for the agricultural workers as well as the public. We are serving customers in other countries, too. Through these activities, we plan to continue enlarging our business domains.

“Contributing to the people of the world with our agritechnology and honesty” is the philosophy of the OAT Agrio Group. We have a strong commitment to contributing in any way possible to solving problems involving the global food shortage. At the same time, we will strive to increase corporate value in order to fulfill our responsibility as a publicly owned company.

Dec. 24, 2015

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