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ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Potassium bicarbonate



Kaligreen is a contact fungicide with curative effect. The effects of the active ingredient,
potassium bicarbonate to fungi is to disrupt the potassium ion balance in the fungus
cell, causing the cell membranes to collapse.
The inert substances work for making up the microcapsules of active ingredient in the
solution. This micro-encapsulation system helps the active ingredient work more efficiently.

1. A.I. is a Food Additive (CODEX, EU, USA)
2. Exempt from food tolerance (EPA, MAFF)
3. OMRI listed, WSDA Registered, BCS Öko-Garantie
4. Contact and curative control of powdery mildew
5. Micro-Encapsulation System
 -High concentration of active ingredient in capsule
 -Better adhesion to fungal walls
6. Minimal effect on beneficial insects and bees
7. Works well in resistance management programs
8. Nutritional potassium source for plant health
 -Registered also as a potassium foliar fertilizer (Japan)


Target crops and pests:
Vegetables ornamentals and fruit trees/ Powdery mildew

Banana/ Shigatoka disease

Application: Spray

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