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  • It is indispensable to grow food production.
  • Mass consumption of energy
  • Destruction of nature

To hone agritechnologies

  • It is indispensable to grow food production.

    Acquisition of resistance against chemicals through the use of agrochemicals

    Out of about 1,000 companies, a couple of dozen agrochemical makers in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. engage in development of new agrochemicals.

    Development of new chemicals Plant protection products

  • Mass consumption of energy

    Global warming and local climate change

    Augmentation of stress on crops

    Enhancement of immunity of cropsBiostimulants

  • Destruction of nature

    Desertification, salt damage, and water pollution
    Degradation of 30% of soil around the world

    Minimum water and fertilizersFertilizers & drip fertigation

The OAT Agrio Group’s corporate activities themselves are initiatives for the SDGs.
The spread of “Agritechnology” will lead to “environmental conservation,” “improvement of resource efficiency,” and “eradication of hunger.”

ESG management/CSR: Important issues and execution items

ESG Important issues KPI Related SDGs
EEn-viron-ment Reduction and recycling of waste Reduction of waste and plastic trash
Reduction of production loss
Practical application of recycling of industrial materials


Use of renewable energy and reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases Promotion of use of renewable energy
Management of emissions and water discharge Management of consumption and discharge of water at factories
SSocial Labor environment Safety of workplaces with no accidents


Quality of products Strengthening of the quality assurance system
Personnel affairs Production of new workstyles and evaluation systems, observance and promotion of the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace
Training and development of personnel Support in obtaining qualifications and training under each theme
Supply chain management Establishment of a distribution system and responsible procurement of materials
GGover-nance Corporate governance Tightening of governance and internal control, securing of management transparency by disclosing information, and promotion of stakeholder engagement


Risk management Uniformity of IT
Compliance Promotion of compliance, maintenance and renewal of ISO9001 quality management

The OAT Agrio Group actively engages in ESG management, including “environmental conservation” and “diversity.”

OAT Agrio Group’s efforts to attain SDGs

The business activities themselves of the OAT Agrio Group are the initiatives for attaining SDGs. The dissemination of “agritechnology” will lead to “environmental conservation,” “improvement in resource efficiency,” and “eradication of famine.”


Based on the philosophy of “contributing to the people in the world with our agritechnology and honesty,” OAT Agrio is dedicated to improving people’s lives worldwide and to assisting in solving global environmental problems. The company is constantly taking on new challenges in order to accomplish these goals.
In addition, OAT Agrio performs CSR programs that can earn the trust of customers, shareholders, business partners and all other stakeholders. Activities include social and environmental measures as well as the pursuit of prudent economics.

CSR Activity Model

We will fulfill our obligations as a corporate citizen with respect to all stakeholders.