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Business History
1950 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory divested the organic chemicals business to Otsuka Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
1952 Started manufacture and sales of agrochemicals
1953 Started selling a tobacco sucker inhibitor (OMH+30)
1963 Started selling gravel culture fertilizer
1964 Started selling the foliar fertilizer Samppi
1976 Started selling the herbicide Parazet
1979 Started selling the agricultural material disinfectant Ichiban
1980 Started selling the fungicide Unitekt

Changed the company name to Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.

1986 Started selling the herbicide Myzet and the insecticide Oncol
1992 Started selling the insecticide Oleate and the calcium supplement Calplus
1993 Started selling the insecticide Orion
1995 Started selling the insecticide Sted Granules
1996 Started selling the insecticide Ondaia
1997 Started selling the turf coloring agent Greenway
1998 Started selling Misaki for extending the life of cut flowers
Started nationwide sales of the Drip Fertigation System
1999 Started selling Otsuka Judge Box Granules, an insecticide and fungicide specifically for rice seedling boxes
2000 Started selling the insecticides Grand Oncol, Oncol Micro Capsules, Ondaia Ace and Deraus Oncol
Started selling the fungicide Alshine
2002 Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. was newly established to receive the chemical products and agrochemicals and fertilizer business
Otsuka Chemical started selling the insecticide Hachi-Hachi EC
2007 Otsuka Chemical started selling the acaricide Danisaraba
2010 Established Otsuka AgriTechno Co., Ltd. and became independent from Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. by way of MBO
2011 Started the manufacture and sale of the rice paddy herticides Benfuresate and Benzofenap which were acquired from the German company Bayer Crop Science AG
2012 Acquired Asahi Chemical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as a 100% subsidiary
2013 Established OAT&IIL India Laboratories Private Limited based on an agreement with Insecticides (India) Limited
Launched the fungicide Gatten in Japan
2014 Changed the company name to OAT Agrio Co., Ltd.
Listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (June 25)
Listed on The First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Dec 24)
2015 Listed on The First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Dec 24)
2016 Established PT. OAT MITOKU AGRIO
Established Runhe (Zhoushan) Plant Science Co., Ltd.
Established OAT Agri Frontier Co., Ltd.
2017 Participated in establishment of Japan Generic Agrochemicals Association
Started selling a new drip fertigation system “TT Series”
Acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification
2018 Established Japan Biostimulant Association as a founder
Established H-New Corporation
Acquired LIDA Plant Research, S.L. and CAPA Ecosystems, S.L.
Acquired Inplanta Innovations Inc. as a 100% subsidiary
Acquired Blue Wave Holding B.V including Chrysal and their associated companies
2019 Obtained EU pesticide registration approval for Flutianil
Obtained GLOBAL GAP certificate
2020 Obtained California pesticide registration approval in USA
2022 Due to the revision of the market classifi cation of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Shifted from the First Section to Prime Marke
2023 Shifted from the Prime Market to the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
OAT Pakistan Private Limited was excluded from our subsidiary company due to stock transfer.