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About OAT Agrio

The Group (the Company and its affiliated companies) includes the Company (OAT Agrio Co., Ltd.) and 26 consolidated subsidiaries (Asahi Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd., Funayama Plant Technology Co., Ltd., OAT & IIL India Laboratories Private Limited, Asahi Chemical Europe). Consists of sro, PT. OAT MITOKU AGRIO, LIDA Plant Research, SL, Implanta Innovations Co., Ltd., Blue Wave Holding BV, etc. and two non-consolidated subsidiaries (Nutrition Hydroponic Cultivation Research Institute, OAT Pakistan Private Limited) It has been done. Please see here for details on the Group’s business.

The Group is contributing to increased food production by focusing on the three domains of “control technology,” “fertilization and irrigation technology,” and “biostimulant.”

Food production increase technology

  • Plant protection product

    Research at 2 laboratories (Naruto and India)
    To discover new highly safe, effective substances

  • Fertilizers & drip irrigation

    Cultivation technology and fertilizers for hydroponic culture
    Largest share in the Japanese market

  • Biostimulants

    Respect for the environment and
    biodiversity that boosts the immunity of crops against diseases and pests

Control technology (providing pesticide products)

The Group conducts research and development and manufacturing of pesticides, and sells them to Zen-Noh, trading companies and manufacturers. Our control technology, which has a low environmental impact and is highly safe, plays an important role in the cultivation of safe and secure agricultural products, and contributes to increasing food production around the world.

Fertilizer irrigation technology (providing fertilizer products)

The Group sells hydroponic soil cultivation systems and fertilizers to facility horticultural farmers. The hydroponic cultivation system expands the frontage of agricultural workers and expands the frontage of agricultural products by automating the accurate application of water and fertilizer according to the growth stage of the crop in the required amount when necessary for the crop. Contributes to improving yield. Currently, it has been introduced to about 2,800 farmers nationwide, and is used for the purpose of reducing the labor of farmers, reducing the environmental load, and improving the quality and yield of crops. The crops introduced are diverse, including tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, grapes and carnations.

Hydroponic soil cultivation system
and fertilizer

Hydroponic lettuce and strawberries

Biostimulant (Provision of plant growth regulator)

Biostimulant is a general term for substances and technologies that enhance the natural immunity of plants and promote cold resistance, heat resistance, pest resistance and growth. The Group provides plant growth regulators that belong to Biostimulant.