Product information




Stimulation of activity of enzymes resulting in faster cytoplasmic streaming,
more efficient photosynthesis and mineral uptake, better quality and higher yields.
ATONIK also increases plant resistance to fungi and stress and speeds up recovery afterdamage by any stress.


We supply Atonik 0.6%, Atonik 1.8% or ATONIK technical concentrate to 33 countries worldwide.

Composition Atonik 0.6% Atonik 1.8%
Sodium p-nitrophenolate 0.3% 0.9%
Sodium o-nitrophenolate 0.2% 0.6%
Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate 0.1% 0.3%
Others 99.4% 98.2%


ATONIK increases yields of the following crops: corn, rice, wheat, barley, soybean, oil-seed- rape,
potato, sunflower, sugar beet, ground nuts, apple, pear, cherry, grape, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry,
black current, tropical fruits, melon, pepper, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, beans,roses and other ornamental plants.


For proper and safe usage of the product, please follow the application instruction on the label.Application method: A foliar spraying with proper application timing and dosage according to the product label. ATONIK can be tank mixed with other agrochemical products.