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3%G, 5%G, 10%G, 20%EC, 25%WP , 40%EC


Benfuracarb is a broad-spectrum systemic carbamate insecticide/nematicide that provides excellent control of many important insect pests and nematodes in maize, sugar beet, rice, vegetables and other major food crops.
Benfuracarb is formulated as granules, emulsifiable concentrate, wettable powder, waterdispersible powder for slurry seed treatment, capsule suspension and water dispersible granules suitable for various kinds of applications.

1. Broad spectrum
 -Benfuracarb is highly effective against wide range of pests.
2. Long-lasting efficacy
 -Benfuracarb can protect plants from various pests for long period with its long-lasting efficacy
3. Systemic and translocating action
 -Benfuracarb can be absorbed quickly into the plant by its excellent systemic and translocating action.
4. Highly effective against pests that have developed resistance to existing insecticides


Target crops and pests:
– Rice: Stem borer, Leaf folder, Brown plant hopper, Rice gall midge
– Cereals: Stem borer, Nematodes, Beetles
– Vegetables: Thrips, Aphids, Diamond back moth, Striped flea beetle, nematodes
– Fruit trees: Leaf miner, Rust mites, Broad mites