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Benfuresate is a herbicide with a broad spectrum of activity and particular strengths in control of annual and perennial sedges(Eleocharis spp., Cyperus spp.). Benfuresate can in principle be used in rice, turf, cotton, peanuts, tobacco and several other crops.

1. The primary target site for Benfuresate has not been clearly identified yet.
 -The latest research activities suggest that Benfuresate controls target weeds by inhibiting very-long- chain fatty acid elongases(VLCFAEs)which catalyze biosynthesis of C18 or longer chain fatty acids.
2. Main uptake site of Benfuresate by weeds is the emerging shoot when it grows through the treated soil layer. The level of activity following foliar application is poor.
3. Optimum application timing is pre-plant incorporated and pre-emergence of weeds in upland crops, and pre-emergence to early-post in rice.


Target crops: Rice

Weed spectrums: Annual and perennial sedges