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SC, Granule


Benzofenap is a rice herbicide with high activity against annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds after pre- to early post-ermergent application. Benzofenap is particularly effective as a specialist for the control of Sagittaria species, e.g. Sagittaria trifolia, while being very safe to the rice crop.

1. Inhibition of the enzyme 4-Hydroxyphenyl- pyruvate Dioxygenase: 4-HPPD
2. HPPD inhibitors are chelating agents to bind to the Fe(II)-ion in the active site of the enzyme, as does the α-keto acid group of 4-hydroxy phenyl-pyruvate, the physiological substrate of HPPD.


Target crops: Rice

Weed spectrums: Annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds; unique in control of Sagittaria