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20%SC, 10%DC


Cyflumetofen is a novel benzoylacetonitrile acaricide developed by OAT Agrio Co., Ltd. It has
excellent and highly selective efficacy against a variety of mites that attack fruits, nuts, vegetables,tea and ornamentals.
Cyflumetofen is highly effective against mites that have developed resistance to existing acaricides.
In addition, Cyflumetofen is ideal to be used in IPM and resistance management program as it isnotably safe to predatory mites and beneficial insects.

1. Highly effective against T. urticae, T. cinnabarinus on ornamentals
 -Basically effective on all growth stages of mites
2. New mode of action(IRAC:CODE 25A)
 -Useful as a resistance management tool
3. No adverse effects on non-target organisms
 -Important as a tool for IPM program
4. No systemic activity, translaminar effect nor vapor action
 -Spray on two sides of leaves evenly with sufficient water volume


Target crops: Vegetables ornamentals and fruit trees
Application: Spray