About our products

Cyflumetofen (Danisaraba)
Cyflumetofen is a plant protection product to control all life stages of tetranychid mites (spider mites) – eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults – in nurseries, vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals grown in greenhouses and more.
On contact, Cyflumetofen provides good knockdown and long residual activity while showing excellent plant safety. Cyflumetofen also has a favorable toxicological profile for non-target and beneficial organisms.
Kaligreen is a fungicide to control a wide range of fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, downy mildew, rust disease and leaf mold in fruits, vegetables and flowers.
Using highly selected potassium bicarbonate as the active ingredient, we developed Kaligreen with a high level of fungicidal activity and crop safety, and are distributing this outstanding product across the world.
Kaligreen not only provides fungicidal activity but also has a positive impact on crops in terms of potassium nutrition supply, since Kaligreen contains potassium and has been registered as a pesticide and fertilizer in Japan.
Furthermore, Kaligreen can also be used in organic production such as OMRI and JAS, since Kaligreen has been approved to be used in such cultivation fields.
Flutianil is a plant protection product and has specific activity against the fungal pathogens that cause powdery mildew at low dosage in various crops. The translaminar movement of Flutianil provides maximum protection on both sides of the leaf surface, resulting in improved control.
Flutianil is a unique powdery mildew control product with no known cross-resistance to other chemical classes, making it an excellent rotation partner for resistant management programs.
Unlike other foliar fertilizers, Samppi/Kemppi contains a smart biostim power composition.
A smart combination of nutrients, organic acids, and sugars ensures a significantly faster and more effective uptake and distribution of minerals and organic substances in plants.
Sufficiently quick absorption of Samppi/Kemppi provides faster and more effective results. Organic acids and sugars stimulate biochemical processes and provides power for intensive plant growth and development. Water soluble phosphorus and calcium strengthens plant cells.
Samppi/Kemppi helps the crops to grow healthier and stronger with positive effects on yield and its quality. Samppi/Kemppi is chemically stable and can be mixed with other products.
Samppi/Kemppi is also highly effective when applied in times of difficult conditions for nutrient uptake such as extreme drought, leaching of nutrients from the plant due to a long rainy season, damage of roots or unsuitable soil properties (a low or high pH blocks the micro-nutrient uptake).
Atonik is a plant growth regulator and biostimulant registered in many countries as a plant protection product. Atonik has many benefits that positively affect enzyme metabolism, regulates flowering, fruit set and growth. It increases the production of auxins in plants and stimulates cytoplasmic streaming, thus promoting higher yields and better-quality crops.
Potatol is a product containing some special components which promote photosynthesis efficiency and maintains healthy plant growth in various plant cultivation.
Powered by patented photosynthesis promoting technology, Potatol has been conducive to farmers facing harsh weather conditions such as low sunshine and drought, and farmers hoping to improve plant quality and yields.
We have received many positive responses from farmers cultivating root crops such as potatos, sweet potatos and carrots.
Potatol can be sprayed by foliar using conventional tools, thus all farmers can easily use our novel technology.
Misaki is designed for cut flowers.
Flowers receive nutrients to grow and develop while they are rooted in the plant.
However, when flowers are detached from the plant, the cut flowers lose their source of nutrients and water.
With Misaki, cut flowers can fully open and not only that, opened flower is kept longer lasting freshness.
Misaki brings happiness to the flower lovers.