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New mid-term management plan (2021-2023)


We contribute to the people in the world with our agritechnology and sincerity.


We develop products that will contribute to the growth of food production around the world.
In our company, employees, too, engage in cultivation, to brush up three agritechnologies and disseminate them around the world.

Plant protection products

Research at 2 laboratories (Naruto and India)
to discover new highly safe, effective substances

Fertilizers & drip fertigation

Cultivation technology and fertilizers for hydroponic culture


Respect for the environment and biodiversity that boosts the immunity of crops against diseases, pests and environmental stresses

  • It is indispensable to
    grow food production.
  • Mass consumption of energy
  • Destruction of nature

To hone agritechnologies

  • It is indispensable to
    grow food production.

    Acquisition of resistance against chemicals through the use of agrochemicals

    Out of about 1,000 companies, a couple of dozen agrochemical makers in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. engage in development of new agrochemicals.

    Development of new chemicals Plant protection products

  • Mass consumption of energy

    Global warming and local climate change

    Augmentation of stress on crops

    Enhancement of immunity of cropsBiostimulants

  • Destruction of nature

    Desertification, salt damage, and water pollution
    Degradation of 30% of soil around the world

    Minimum water and fertilizersFertilizers & drip fertigation

The OAT Agrio Group’s corporate activities themselves are initiatives for the SDGs.
The spread of “Agritechnology” will lead to “environmental conservation,” “improvement of resource efficiency,” and “eradication of hunger.”

Overseas expansion

We are developing products from a global perspective, centered on three agriechnologies.
We will accelerate overseas expansion together with domestic and overseas affiliated companies and contribute to global food production.